Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 304- Happy Halloween!

Despite being sleepy, Jackson had a great Halloween. He did really well going to the few houses that we went to and even said "thank you" when he got candy. He had fun handing out candy too. I love Old Navy for making a Halloween costume that was like pants and a hoodie b/c until the paws got in the way of his dum dum, he never fought it.

He was allowed 2 pieces of candy tonight- a dum dum (which he loves these so much he tries to eat them through the paper) and a reeses peanut butter cup. He really enjoyed them, but still prefers his lima beans :) Fortunately, in spite of all the fun going on, he was sound asleep by 8.

I'm so amazed by how much he has grown in a year and so proud that some of his first words are "thank you". I love that he wasn't afraid of strangers and had so much fun tonight. We didn't get a ton of pictures because we were having fun, but definitely have enough so you all can enjoy his second Halloween too!
Hanging out before the trick or treaters started coming around (this was his super comfy daytime outfit)
Ready to head out with Dad
Trick or treating is a lot of work on little legs
Back and relaxing with mama
Mmmmmmm dum dums
Here Dada- try this lollipop that I've dropped on the ground at least 3 times
Thank you!
All Halloween'd out!
Playing on the sidewalk before bed
Bedtime with Mr. Monkey!

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