Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 274- Happy October

Today marked the first snowfall at our house. It didn't stick, obviously, but man it's cold outside! We are trying to get Jackson used to wearing hats again (major fail!) with the cute hats that Jannet made him.

He was super whiny this afternoon, but feeling and eating much better. Tomorrow we're going to put out the Halloween decorations, bake some pumpkin bread, and enjoy fall things trying to push the snow back to December :)
Helping me make pancakes
Laughing at Joe
Silly snort face
trying on his puppy dog hat
attempt #2
I had to give up when I got this face
The pumpkin hat
another try
He will put this on his head though, silly kid
Sad b/c his father won't put new batteries in his favorite toy :(
Trying to make it work, no success- poor kid

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