Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 296- Fall :)

Jackson was sad to see his grandparents go, but took an awesome afternoon nap. After that we went to the playground and played in the leaves and mud (thanks to his dad), though it did lead to a couple of good pictures. Since Russell didn't want to get muddy- I actually got to be in a couple of pictures. I hope we get a few more weekends of outside weather before it gets miserable. Jackson was in a pretty good mood despite the constant runny nose. Hopefully he adjusts back to normal life quickly after a weekend of being spoiled rotten :)
I just climbed in to help you do the diapers Mama
Here is one of our favorite inserts!
Ahhhhhhhhh- It's my caterpillar diaper- I missed it so much!
Playing in the muddy leaves
These leaves are squishy!
Muddy Jackson + muddy kisses= Muddy Mama
I'm going to get you Mama!
Leaves are fun!
I'm done with this- I'm walking home!

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