Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 297- Spaghetti Monday= smiles

We had a pretty nice little evening tonight after Jackson had a great day with Ms. Brenda. We played with the toys- Jackson has started to really like toy cars now and it's fun to watch him drive them. He even makes the broom broom (he doesn't do v yet) noise as he drives them. He's also getting more into playing "catch" (aka rolling a ball back and forth). We had spaghetti for dinner because I totally forgot to lay anything out. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, so we might sneak to the park after school.
So I like laundry baskets- what of it?
Mmmm it is spaghetti!
Toast to a tasty dinner
Don't you touch MY meatball
Want this?
Too bad haha
What- it all fit in my mouth- don't judge
Oh sh*t mama- here comes Bernie!
Watching the cars drive
Uh oh- lost one
It came back!

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