Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 281- Festival Continued

Well, little man is asleep and I'm exhausted. We had a good morning at the lumberjack competition and the playground. Then he slept on the way home and refused to take a nap. He fell asleep on the walk to the parade, but was not very interested in watching the parade. He spent the majority of the time playing in his stroller, occasionally glancing at the parade, but not every really paying a lot of attention to it. Afterward, we went back to the playground- he had fun for awhile, but he was so tired. We walked home and he had a second wind and now should be out for the night. Overall, we had a great time at the festival, but now we're ready for a relaxing day at home tomorrow :)

Having fun at the lumberjack competition
Running to the slide at the playground
Big boy slide
Headed back to the little man slide
He loved to turn the numbers
He loved to play in the tunnel
At home, relaxing with Mr. Monkey and a little Elmo

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