Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 298- One Lucky Mama

We had a beautiful evening here tonight so Jackson and I took off to the new Headstart playground at a school by our house and then met our friends for dinner. Despite being out an hour past bedtime, Jackson was on his best behavior. He didn't exactly sit in a highchair and eat, but he did have fun, interact and follow directions for the most part. At this age- that makes me pretty happy :).
We tried out the playground over the weekend and Jackson wasn't impressed, but he had a lot of fun there tonight. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, so we are going to check out the Halloween story hour at the library instead. I love Halloween and I'm looking forward to lots of fun activities this week!

Can I do it by myself mama?
I made it to the top!
Wow- I can see the sky!
Handsome little man
Peek a boo!
Headed into the cave
I see you mama
Peeking out of the window
Wow- I can see the sun!

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