Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 290- Pudding Painting

So I love pinterest- it was pretty much my whole night tonight. I tried to plan my whole week out with both menus and fun activities to do with Jackson. Usually when I do this, it lasts all of 2 days, but I'm really hoping to make it last the whole week this time. Jackson and I spent an hour at the grocery store- he was excellent, helpful (holding on to groceries and shaking them) and didn't get cranky until check-out when they gave him a sticker that he hated.

So tonight's pinterest additions to my life: Super delicious apple dumplings- easy and quick and pudding painting in the high chair that let me cook a meal for 20 minutes without any screaming, grabbing, or temper tantrum throwing!

Tomorrow on the agenda- applesauce chicken, playground, and treat thank you bags for the important folks in Jackson's life

By the way if you are interested in pinterest this is the site, message me your email and I'll invite you. It's great for the visual folks like me out there!
How pudding painting began

a tiny taste...
led to a happy and messy little guy
Don't worry- he still had room for dinner
Opening drawers while I cleaned up
Jackson and his war cry- which is what he does whenever he runs somewhere now

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