Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 278- Tired, Tantruming Toddler

I should have known what kind of night it was going to be when I picked him up and Brenda said "well we had to do time out today because of some bullying." Apparently, he had the 18 month old (who is his best friend) in a corner and was doing the monster face, growling at him, and hitting him with both hands. Brenda moved him away to play with something else and he went running back to attack the 18 month old. So he got time out in the play pen. Other than that he had a great day, but didn't nap well.

So from the time I got him home he was tired and could not be happy. We had a couple of giggles and good moments, but most of the night was a tiny thing sending him into a giant tantrum. Finally at 6:30 we read a book, had a super quick bath, and then he was sound asleep at 6:45.

I also had my OB appointment today. Baby looks good and it looks like we'll be taking blue and purple to the hospital with 2 names in mind because there will be no more ultrasounds. A little bummed out b/c I like to plan, but I think it'll be exciting too. Seeing as I will be picking the baby's birthday at my next appointment- this will leave something up to a surprise. Since I still have laundry and dishes to do- here are some pictures from this super fun evening lol.
Found you mama
Not sure what the issue was this time
Mr. Monkey made it better
His shoes made him happy too
He was cleaning up his shoes when he was done
Mad at his toys
Now trying to make me do it for him (he did it himself 10 seconds later)

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