Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 284- sleep is for sissies

So Jackson is finally asleep for tonight. Hopefully he plans on staying asleep! Last night he got up at 2 played in his crib for 30 minutes, playing in my bed for 20 minutes, and then played in the living room until 4:30. He was happy, silly, and having a great time. He only napped 30 minutes at Ms. Brenda's today and then didn't go down until just now. I tried at 7 but he was having none of that. Again, except for a few minutes right after dinner- he was in an excellent mood. I have no idea where he's getting this energy from, but man I want some! I'm off to assemble diapers and then early bedtime for me :)
A little cranky after dinner
But then he found his phone and all was well
Jackson loves playing with his shoes
And trying to put them on
He was cuddling with his shoe and thought that polar bear was hilarious because oso polar es blanco!
He's wearing the Elmo pjs Dad got him
Playing with the halloween candy dish-one of his favorite toys this week

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