Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 283- Happy Columbus Day

Jackson had a good time with Dad today and then he came to my school. He played with his friend Jacob and was spoiled by the other teachers. After we came home we had fun playing and made a yummy dinner- complete with baked apples for dessert. He was in a silly mood and went to bed quickly and easily.

One funny story from today: Jackson and I found a praying mantis outside today- I told him about how they are good luck and we are really lucky to see one because they are hard to find today. He responded by trying to eat it. I think we have some work to do on respecting nature.

Getting ready for lunch
Silly baby trying to eat sideways
Sideways eating makes a mess :)
Helping Dad unload the dishwasher
I'll get the silverware
Making a very important call on his Zach Morris cell phone
Reading about fall leaves

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This blog will document the lives of Jackson, Joe, and Bernie throughout 2011. The purpose of this blog is to learn to celebrate and appreciate something every day. It will also have comments from me about being a new mom, trying to raise a child to appreciate and respect all things in nature.