Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 275- Silly Sunday

Today was cold and rainy so we decided to stay in and play all day. Jackson was in a great mood all day and took 2 naps. Russell is taking a vacation day tomorrow, so it'll be a boys' day at home. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of this terrible weather, so I'm looking forward to enjoying the festival the rest of the week. At least this weekend was productive at home, laundry is all done, Halloween decorations are out, and my lesson plans are done :)
Coming over to get some cuddles and watch sesame street
Kisses for Joe Dog in the morning
Being silly with Joe
Petting baby Joe and watching Elmo
Trying to put his socks back on
Fighting with Joe for space on the couch
He just gave up and used Joe's head as a footrest
He loves, loves, loves his stacking toys
Playing with his house, making the birds sing
Jackson's favorite PJs
Jackson loves to watch out the window
Enthralled by the rain
Looking at his friend's pictures on FB
He likes to chase Bernie in his toy box- trouble maker
What, I'm not doing anything!
He's not as impressed by his new towel as I am- I love the monster :)
Jackson's nightynight that he won from the photo contest- THANK YOU! It's huge and should let us all sleep through the night :)
Showing off his TTNN
So, so, so big!
Ghetto booty for the little man in his sbish longies
Thank you again- we're so excited for this diaper

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