Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 243- Please vote!!!!

We are so seriously close to winning and I will love you all b/c these are seriously the most awesome diapers! The contest ends at 10-- I'm so nervous!

Ok and here are the pictures for today- not great, but you get a glimpse of the not always smiling little man.

Daring me to do something about him throwing his food (notice he only gets on piece of food at a time- suggestions welcome!)
After I told him no when he threatened to throw his chicken strip (I'm only serving his favorites to try and get him to eat more than he throws)
I'm not going to do it mom!
Oh- it was good!
Yes it takes 3 spoons to feed Jackson. He feeds himself, has one ready, and I prep one- he's nothing if not efficient
Oh Mom, I can't pull the curtains either?
Taking a break to watch the fan w/ Mr. Monkey
beating up his gorilla (which he started to say gorilla today!)
With his favorite stuffed animals!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 242- Tough Tuesday

Today was a very long day and I still have a headache, however I'm so thankful to have such a happy, playful, sweet little man to come home to everyday- regardless of his horrible meal time habits as of late. He brings a smile to my face no matter how stressed, exhausted, frustrated I am. Here are some smile inducing pictures from today:
I love his Elmo PJs (hooray for garage sales only 50 cents!)
Two of his favorite toys- "joe dog" rattle and a ring
Army crawling so as not to have to let go of his toys
Laughing at Bernie
Helping Mama read Brown Bear
Read it one more time- please!
This is what he does when you touch Mr. Monkey- covers him completely so no one will bother him.
A little Zany Zoo before bed :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 241- I swear behind those smiles is one evil child

Alright folks- let's talk meal time. I really want Jackson to enjoy sports and I love that he loves to catch, throw, and kick HOWEVER I do not love that he finds throwing food funny. He will stare me down as he throws, drops, and kicks his food and then dare me to do something about it. I know he's not doing it because he's not hungry anymore because he's still shoving food in his mouth with his other hand. I try to give him food one piece at a time and he fusses and says more over and over and- wait for it- then spits out pieces of food so he can throw that too. I'm so over it I might start just giving him purees in a sippy cup! So sum this up- spaghetti and meatballs did not go over well tonight.

He was sleepy early tonight and sound asleep by 7:30. I hope he continues to love story time as much as he does now because it is my very favorite time of day and no matter how whiny, ornery, or tiring he has been I hate when I have to put him in his crib b/c I love cuddling on the recliner and reading books.

He wasn't all whiny and we had a lot of fun until dinner. I think a lot of it was my fault because we had dinner a little later than usual. We were playing in his room, where there is no clock and when I realized what time it was- it was too late to get dinner together any faster than the 10 minutes it took to make pasta.

I will end with saying I can't wait for this 3 day weekend coming up!
This was before he threw his blocks all over the room.
His reaction when I told him he couldn't pull down the shower curtain and I told him he was a faker when he made his cry face. Not sure how to get me to let him get to the curtain.
He loves bath time
Peek a boo!
I love his smile
Ready in his sbish longies for a cold night in Elkins- down in the 40s! (his face says- really mom, I'm tired good night already!)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 240- pictures, pictures, pictures

Since it's late and I have school tomorrow- here are today's pictures:
Morning Mama
Trying to climb
Still trying to get up on the coffee table
Enjoying the Zany Zoo
Trying to free the gorilla
Showing the gorilla the noise he can make
The most excited hug ever
Better watch out or I'll avada kadavra your butt
Mini Harry
Here is the final entry into the TT contest--- I'll be begging for likes in the next two days. Twinkie Tush are some of our favorite diapers!
I hid puffs in the cauldron to make him stay put
Riding his Firebolt

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 239- The many natural disasters of Jackson

Jackson had a great morning and afternoon. While we aren't going to be touched by hurricane Irene- Hurricane Jackson certainly did a number on our house. He emptied both toy boxes by throwing his toys as far as he could.

We went out to dinner tonight and then planned on checking out cell phone places and grocery shopping. He was having fun at dinner and started to get a little clingy at the end. He was screaming by the time we walked out. He would calm down and as soon as we got in someplace he would lose it again and become inconsolable. Finally we gave up and headed home. He settled when I sat in the recliner as we read some books, had a happy bath, and got some Motrin and now he's down. I hope he wakes up a happier little guy tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of playing "earthquake" with Daddy. He loved the earthquake so much that we put him in his toy box and shake it. As soon as we stop he starts to shake it and laughs harder- it's a riot. Maybe we need to move to California.

Watch mom, this is cool
hold on, earthquake's here
laughing so hard he can barely stand
Then he crawled and pushed it around the house for a while
enjoying the carnage of Hurricane Jackson

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 238- Hooray for Friday!

It was another long day, but Jackson was in a much better mood. I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening, so I'm getting off the computer and heading outside with a book. Here are some of the pictures from tonight.
Evil demon Jackson
Quick personality change when he got his ball back
Proud of himself for throwing the ball to Dad
Playing catch is fun!
He pushed Joe out of the way to get to me and was so excited when he made it.
C'mon mom- you know you want to let me climb on the couch and grab the curtains
Beating up the couch is fun too!

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