Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 218- Day with Daddy

I had to work on my classroom because they are going to be doing the hallways next week and I will be banned. Then I will be focusing on my baby turning 1 so I will have no time for classroom thoughts. After 7 hours I made a lot of progress. There will still be stuff to do when I see who shows up for school, what my final schedule will be, and how much progress the kids made. Tomorrow I will finish up decorating and cleaning and take Jackson to Kid's Day at the park. Then cleaning and re-organizing the house will begin.

Jackson and Russell both survived with smiles. I took some pictures when I was with Jackson this morning before Russell got up and then from right before dinner when I got home.
Reading What Makes Elmo Happy?
He just loves Joe Dog
Happy b/c Joe just gave him a kiss
munching on tortilla chips, Dad's idea of lunch
Showing off his new woolybottom footies- perfect fall PJs

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