Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 241- I swear behind those smiles is one evil child

Alright folks- let's talk meal time. I really want Jackson to enjoy sports and I love that he loves to catch, throw, and kick HOWEVER I do not love that he finds throwing food funny. He will stare me down as he throws, drops, and kicks his food and then dare me to do something about it. I know he's not doing it because he's not hungry anymore because he's still shoving food in his mouth with his other hand. I try to give him food one piece at a time and he fusses and says more over and over and- wait for it- then spits out pieces of food so he can throw that too. I'm so over it I might start just giving him purees in a sippy cup! So sum this up- spaghetti and meatballs did not go over well tonight.

He was sleepy early tonight and sound asleep by 7:30. I hope he continues to love story time as much as he does now because it is my very favorite time of day and no matter how whiny, ornery, or tiring he has been I hate when I have to put him in his crib b/c I love cuddling on the recliner and reading books.

He wasn't all whiny and we had a lot of fun until dinner. I think a lot of it was my fault because we had dinner a little later than usual. We were playing in his room, where there is no clock and when I realized what time it was- it was too late to get dinner together any faster than the 10 minutes it took to make pasta.

I will end with saying I can't wait for this 3 day weekend coming up!
This was before he threw his blocks all over the room.
His reaction when I told him he couldn't pull down the shower curtain and I told him he was a faker when he made his cry face. Not sure how to get me to let him get to the curtain.
He loves bath time
Peek a boo!
I love his smile
Ready in his sbish longies for a cold night in Elkins- down in the 40s! (his face says- really mom, I'm tired good night already!)

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