Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 232- Jackson "the honey badger" Shepherd

So after a very long day of errands and chores, I'm officially back to work and getting ready to do paperwork and lesson plans. I hope tomorrow that I"ll be able to move clothes around and get my maternity clothes into my drawers.

Jackson doesn't seem to be bothered by the word "no" anymore. He thinks it's funny. I believe his molars are coming in and he was a bit whiny today. After seeing all the head butts (he went after Joe today), banging his head purposely for attention, laughing at the word "no" and just doing as he pleases- I have decided that' Jackson's nickname will be the Honey Badger. Inspired by this (one of my favorite) youtube videos: b/c honestly- Jackson just don't give a shit :)

Despite all this, you can't help but love him. I think he's got a fabulous career in football ahead of him- I just hope to help him take his enjoyment in being tougher (no clue where he got that trait) and channel it into sports. The pictures today aren't very good, but he was attached to me most of the day, which made it hard to get pictures. I hope he cuts these teeth quickly and we can get a little bit of a break before the next set.
Remember how I said he was attached at my hip all day- it started when I took a shower this morning and he tore down the baby gate and crawled in the shower with me, getting water all over the bathroom. He wouldn't even sit still away from me long enough for a picture.
Taking a bit of break before dinner watching sesame street with me on the couch
Crawled to a new spot for a 30 second relaxation
Totally worn out watching Elmo
Second wind mama- let's go!
If I hide my face- she can't tell me no
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See- I couldn't hear it :)
(This was immediately after I told him he couldn't pull the curtain down--see Honey Badger)

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