Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 230- Too bad Mommy can't drink

Wow, what a crazy first day back at school. We had a ton of new kids. I'm going to spend the next week trying to figure out which ones have IEPs (I know of 3 already) how to fit them in the schedule, changing schedules, meeting with teachers about accommodations, writing amendments, and just trying to get on top of special education paperwork. I love to teach, but this part makes it hard. I wish I could just work with my kids already instead of burying myself with trying to figure out who goes with whom, who gets what services, and how my schedule is going to accommodate 22 kids!

I didn't get home until after 5 today, after trying to figure out bus stuff and make sure every child made it home. Then Jackson was tired, but we did have fun playing. I'm going to have to make his bedtime slowly earlier and earlier because I keep having to wake him up in the morning. He wakes up happy, but I want him to wake up on his own so I know that he got enough sleep. As long as I can get dinner cooked quickly enough, I think this will be a good plan so that I can get to bed early too!
Here mama- will this help?
Sad b/c I won't let him steal the dogs' food
He kept inching closer and closer- Joe wasn't impressed
This toy is evil. It is loud, he gets things stuck in it, and the songs are annoying. So of course- it's his favorite
Finding a random toy to get stuck in the track
Love this little guy :)

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