Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 181- Quick Post

After fun swimming, a long nap, and some story time- Jackson was ready to head to Ray and Katie's rehearsal (except it was too late!). Fortunately, we were able to join them for the rehearsal dinner. We had a great time and I can't wait for the wedding. Jackson hung in there for 2 hours and did pretty well. He liked the cheese, crackers, and salmon, but LOVED the cheesecake :) Now that I've got everything caught up for the day- I'm headed to bed, so it's a short one tonight.
His other swim outfit- his Nifty Nappy swim diaper
Swimming "with" Bernie
playing with the shovel
now he can stand and not lose is starfish
yummy tags
happy kid
showing off his fancy clothes
please mom, one more story

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 180- Swimming!

Jackson took a nap after Ms. Brenda's then we got his hair cut and spend the evening playing in the pool. He had a great time, learned to stand up using the edge of the pool, chased his toys around and splashed the dogs. Joe and Bernie were great "lifeguards," even after getting splashed, they stayed very close.
Modeling his new rash guard shirt
Such a wonderful model- showing off his Bummis swim diaper. I love it and it's only $10!
He loves splashing
Talking to the animals on the pool
splashing Bernie
Jackson playing under the watchful eyes of his lifeguards
playing with his toys
he did great moving around the pool
Hanging out with Joe and Bernie
Talking to his buddy Bern dog
happy kid
la la la la
such a good mood today
let me take the pictures mom!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 179- Preview of the terrible twos

I made a mistake and left the strawberries on his tray at the beginning of dinner. He threw one holy tantrum when they were gone. He refused to try the macaroni, threw the fish, and just shook his head no no no and slammed his fists. I gave him chicken tenders which he reluctantly ate, then he ate some watermelon. While eating the watermelon he accidentally ate a piece of mac n cheese. Then he realized he liked that and devoured 2 scoops. I am so not looking forward to the terrible twos!

Beyond that he was fabulous today- a much different baby from yesterday. He was so excited to see his friends and Ms. Brenda that he wouldn't even tell me bye :( Again, he wouldn't sleep for her so he took an hour and a half nap once we got home and then a 2 1/2 hour nap before dinner. It pushed his bedtime back an hour, but he went down without a fight- love that kid!

Oh and I'm totally going to drive everyone crazy b/c I have to post a picture of his new cheese face- he's such a ham.
silly baby- he got stuck under the jumparoo
happy boy b/c there were strawberries on the tray- oops!
no pictures mom
what is this?
these are NOT strawberries!
Fine, I'll eat the damn chicken- but I don't have to like it!
Ok, maybe I do like it
You caved- yummy fruit!
Haha- I win 2 pieces of watermelon!
Bernie- what part of no barking don't you get?
Yeah, I'm handsome

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 178- Cranky baby

Poor Jackson had every nap interrupted today and it led to one cranky baby. We did have our good times, but man the bad were bad. I don't know how mothers of fussy babies do it. It totally reminds me just how spoiled I am with the little guy.

Tomorrow starts summer school- I'm not really looking forward to it this year. I hope that as I get in the swing of things I'll be excited, but either way it's only 16 days- I can make it! I'm sure Jackson is going to be super stoked to see all his friends at Ms. Brenda's and I know she's going to be happy to have him back.

Two cool things from today. First, he pulled himself up, without prompting, on his toy box. Second, he has now started to sing the elmo song (well his version) every time he sees Elmo. He's showing great receptive language skills also- I'm going to drive you all crazy and post a video :)
He was happy this morning
Silly kid wouldn't look up so this was the only way I could catch a smile
Investigating the grass, which desperately needs cut
Unpacking his toys from the weekend

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Special Edition- Secret's Out

Jackson's reaction when I read his shirt to him....
His shirt says: I'm going to be a big brother (I know, I peed my pants when I heard the news too).

The baby's ETA- January 30th :)

Day 177- Say Cheese

Jackson has learned "say cheese." You knew it was only a matter of time with me sticking a camera in his face literally every day. He has the best cheese face ever, sorry the only time I had to get pictures of it were in the middle of dinner so you get to enjoy his chicken too. The other picture is of Jackson getting ready for bed. I'm excited it's going to be cool enough for longies tonight. He's growing out of them :( So if anyone is looking for a fabulous first birthday present for Jackson- sustainablebabyish longies would be heavenly!!! (I'm just kidding- I'm anxiously watching spots which is like an online goodwill- LOVE IT- and watching sloomb for seconds)

Day 176- Party Animal

I didn't have internet access yesterday as we were at Aly's wedding. It was great and with one nap between the wedding and reception, Jackson did wonderfully. He had fun with lots of aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, and friends. He loved his (great) Uncle Tim. He danced and ate tons of fruit. He thought it was fabulous being the center of attention. Since so many other people had Jackson and were taking pictures of him, I didn't get any pics at the wedding/reception. However, here are my favorite after party pics when we went back to Russell's parents house to take care of the dogs and head to bed. I love how the pictures turned out! Oh and we had to take his pants off so he could crawl on the slippery floor and his shirt is unbuttoned to get his tie off and clean up some of the watermelon juice.
Eligible bachelor
Checking out the grass
Thumbs up for a great night
Eating grass if funny
What Mom- you can't really mean that I can't eat that
I just love this picture
And the tongue is back out
Trying to eat some more grass- tempting me to tell him no so he can mock me
Trying to act innocent (don't worry he spit the grass out a minute later)
He cracks himself up (I actually think he's laughing at Joe Dog)
Posing for the camera
Crawling on the grass
The grass was tickling his neck- he was laughing so hard

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