Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 168- Digger's back, back again

I think Jackson has inherited my you have no clue I'm sick and then BAM-crazy sick. Fortunately, since it was Friday- I jumped the gun in taking him in to see the doctor. Yesterday, during each nap, Jackson woke up once gasping for air. Now this has been a favorite new sound he makes so I was a little concerned, but not too concerned as it didn't wake him up or upset him at all. Overnight, he did this at least once an hour and around 3 am he couldn't catch his breath, woke himself up crying. Needless to say- I didn't sleep last night. I'm not a fan of our ER, especially for pediatrics, so I figured I better wait it out until the morning.

He woke up early, happy, laughing and smiling. He didn't have a fever or seem sick in the lightest. I took him in anyway because the last time I thought it was nothing we were in the ER 12 hours later with a temp of 103 and a pulse ox of 85.

I love our pediatricians. They have "clinic" every day from 8-10 where you can bring them in for anything. Luckily, today I got my favorite Dr. Even though Jackson was only a little raspy- she sent us to the hospital for X-rays to make sure that he didn't swallow anything that is causing the problems. She was pretty sure he was starting croup though. Right before my lunch date with friends we found out it was indeed croup- lunch date cancelled :(

So now he starts steroids, breathing treatments, humidifier, and pedilyte for the next 5 days. I'm really hoping we caught it early enough that I get to avoid that awful cough and high fever again.

So here are the pictures of my sick child who doesn't look sick at all.

His best innocent face
Waving to "baby Jackson" (his picture on the wall)
Relaxing in his CCBaby longies
Still one of my favorite diapers :)
He dragged the toy box over to himself and was quite proud of it
Then he dumped :)
Now you can see he's starting to look sick- gnawing on his vibrating teether
Working on his other vibrating teether
Gotta love this kid!

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