Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 165- Memories

While the anniversary of my father's death is hard, it's random days like today- flag day- that are harder. The anniversary of his death brings back memories of funerals, hospitals, surgeries, and late night phone calls. Flag day brings back memories of laughing, jokes, shopping, grilling out, and enjoying our time together. These are the memories that make me sad that Jackson doesn't get to know his grandfather. However, I know this sounds strange, and I'm not sure if I've written it before, but I feel like Jackson does know my dad. I like to think that when he looks at a blank wall and smiles, waves a no one, laughs for no reason, or can just look off and calm down he's hanging out with my dad. It's been said by many sources that animals and very young children can see much more than we can. Their brain hasn't learned to filter things out. I hope this is true. I hope he is gaining a wonderful relationship, knowledge, and memories from my dad. When it comes to hard times- plain and simple- June sucks. His death, Flag day, and Father's day are just reminders. As hard as these days can be- I am also thankful for them because they cause me pause to remind myself of all the good memories I have and in a couple years, sharing those memories and stories with Jackson.

Today's pictures are about new memories. Two years ago, we planted some blackberry and black raspberry bushes. They are doing awesome now. Jackson and I picked berries and then enjoyed the berries. He was a mess, but loved every minute of it.

The last picture was a big surprise to me. I went to get Jackson up from his nap and he was sitting up looking at me. He had napped for a couple of hours and when he got up, he figured out how to sit up and play. I think we might have to lower the crib again pretty soon because he's getting really good at pulling up too.
Yummy berries
What's that- we're supposed to save the berries?
oops, I ate 'em
I took his toys in and came back to find his cheeks full
I didn't realize it, but he could reach the bush after all
Trying to get to berries through the slits
yummy strawberry bonus
what's this? shortly after, he tried to eat it
What mom? I always do this!

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