Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 334- Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 333- Screamin' Demon

Jackson is still working on getting back on schedule and had just gone down for his nap 30 minutes before I picked him up. I hope his friend isn't there tomorrow b/c he needs to start back at his 12-1 nap time! I had to wake him up and he was one angry little boy until he worked it out through tantrums once we got home.
Fortunately, after that he was able to clean up his messes, help me cook dinner and unload the dishwasher. Then we had dinner, played happily, made his reindeer t-shirt (which is drying now and totally his creation b/c he was not putting his hands where I wanted them lol), had his bath and off to bed he went.

Now I'm starting to fill up the DVR with my favorite Christmas programs for us to watch over the next month and getting ready for another early bedtime.
First he throws his milk on the ground, then he screams at it
Then he screams at me
Then he dumps his cheerios
Then he screams at me (see a pattern yet)
Tantrum dying down- yes I know I"m mom of the year for taking pictures, but I'm not indulging tantrums
After dinner and dishwasher unloading- a much happier baby playing with a tractor
Getting low to talk to Bernie
Throwing the football in the toybox!
"talking" on the phone- because we all have ears in the middle of our head
He can wear the zero
but he got it stuck on his leg (thank goodness he's fearless and coordinated- he has at least has a future as a running back or lineman)
playing catch with the big ball
A little Joe dog lovin' makes for a happy night :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 332- Sleepy Baby

Jackson slept in a bit this morning and was eager to get to Ms. Brenda's house. He was really excited to see his friends though Brenda said he had to "work through some bullying" this morning. Once he realized being a bully meant playing alone he played very nicely the rest of the day. However, he refused to nap all day. I had to go grocery shopping so he fell asleep in the crib despite my best efforts to keep him awake. He napped in the car and then came home and sleepily watched Elmo. However, after stuffing his face with blackberries and ravioli he got a second wind. He's now sound asleep and I'm hoping working his way back into routine.
Sleepy baby throw a mini fit before decided the snack was actually a good plan
Hanging out, gaining energy with a very full belly

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 331-PJ Day

Well all the laundry is about caught up and Jackson and I are getting rested up for another week of work/ babysitters. We didn't get any Christmas crafts done, but will work on them this week and this weekend. Jackson was in a good mood today, took a long nap and was happy that Dada, Joe and Bernie came home. We hung out in jammies and finished putting up decorations all day today. Now he's asleep and I'm DVRing the Steeler game. 20 school days until Christmas break (19 with kids) :)
check out that bed head
Getting ready for a ride
What- it's so supposed to go backward
Pretty lights
It keeps hitting me back :(
Relaxing before dinner
Reading Christmas stories
Checking out Max
Showing off his night night
tired Christmas baby
shaking the tree
Not so interested in the Night Before Christmas
but he loves his Elmo

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 330- Home Sweet Home

After a great time visiting with my family Jackson and I headed home today. He, once again, was excellent in the car. We stopped at a McDonald's in Athens, OH for a fruit and yogurt parfait and to enjoy some time outside moving around. He fussed a bit in line because he wasn't happy at being held- the lady was so nice and brought him out a car. He played with that car the whole way home. I love random acts of kindness and I will make sure to pay it forward this week. We also listened to my favorite Christmas album home- Alabama Christmas. I'm looking forward to relaxing tomorrow and catching up on sleep. But for now, since everything is put away- I'm off to bed!
Ahhh- check out my car (and all my teeth!)
Knock, knock
Petting the weird bush
Giving me a monster face because I told him to take another bite
Who is that guy?
Well I guess he's kinda funny

Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 329- Black Friday Exhaustion

After staying out all night shopping and operating on a 2 hour nap, all I remembered to take were 3 pictures. However, our plans of going to Bass Pro Shop for Jackson to meet Santa were quickly ended by him puking in the car :( He wasn't really sick, I think he just got choked up and the result was scrubbing a baby and a car seat. Since he was feeling alright later in the evening we went and had some pictures taken for Christmas. He did pretty well considering it took 2 hours to get everything done there. Then we got to visit with Uncle Luke and Aunt Kari- though Jackson crashed out pretty quickly after we got back. We got to end the day with a victory over Pitt. Overall, it was a pretty awesome Black Friday!
It is too darn early to be shopping Mama!
Ready to head back to bed
He loved this car!
The only way to keep his hat on
He was so proud of himself for sitting in the chair
Yay for Jackson
30 seconds before a massive meltdown at the realization that these cookies were fake- terrible idea for a picture lol

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