Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 333- Screamin' Demon

Jackson is still working on getting back on schedule and had just gone down for his nap 30 minutes before I picked him up. I hope his friend isn't there tomorrow b/c he needs to start back at his 12-1 nap time! I had to wake him up and he was one angry little boy until he worked it out through tantrums once we got home.
Fortunately, after that he was able to clean up his messes, help me cook dinner and unload the dishwasher. Then we had dinner, played happily, made his reindeer t-shirt (which is drying now and totally his creation b/c he was not putting his hands where I wanted them lol), had his bath and off to bed he went.

Now I'm starting to fill up the DVR with my favorite Christmas programs for us to watch over the next month and getting ready for another early bedtime.
First he throws his milk on the ground, then he screams at it
Then he screams at me
Then he dumps his cheerios
Then he screams at me (see a pattern yet)
Tantrum dying down- yes I know I"m mom of the year for taking pictures, but I'm not indulging tantrums
After dinner and dishwasher unloading- a much happier baby playing with a tractor
Getting low to talk to Bernie
Throwing the football in the toybox!
"talking" on the phone- because we all have ears in the middle of our head
He can wear the zero
but he got it stuck on his leg (thank goodness he's fearless and coordinated- he has at least has a future as a running back or lineman)
playing catch with the big ball
A little Joe dog lovin' makes for a happy night :)

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