Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 323- Peter Pan

We had a fun day together and Jackson was sound asleep by 7:00 tonight. That let me get everything cleaned and organized, laundry folded, and the floor swept. We got some Christmas stuff out today, but have a lot more to hit tomorrow. However, Jackson's little sibling let me know that he's had enough and it's time to relax with some water for tonight.

We had fun at the craft show and Jackson decided that Coalton school's playground is the best, as he played there for over an hour. Then we went grocery shopping and stopped to get my ticket to Twilight for a date with friends tomorrow. That means Jackson's headed to get spoiled rotten with Patricia, Candy, and Buddy tomorrow afternoon.

Jackson was only mildly interested in the Christmas stuff until he found one of his sleepers from last year (3-6 months). He threw a fit until I put it on him and then I had to let him wear it for a few minutes. When his cheeks got red from it being so warm I made him take it off and had to hide it while he cried. I know what I"m going to have to get him for PJs soon!

This was a great start to break and I hope it continues- slowly!

Hey mama- my hair's a little wild today
see- crazy hair!
Ouch- that poked me!
Toys are way better than Christmas decorations
What? This totally still fits
Hard to believe this was big on him last year!
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down
Watch mama, it won't tip over
Getting ready to hit me because I told him he couldn't have his sleeper back- goes well with the shirt
Trying to drink from the Christmas tree tin
Proving to me that he can do it
Love this little guy

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