Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 306- On the move

We had a late start to our evening tonight because I had my glucose tolerance test today. I didn't feel sick, so hopefully when I call on Friday- all will be well. I'm moving to 2 week appointments now, that's so crazy to me! We decided that Jackson will become a big brother on January 20th.
Hopefully, I can get him prepared in the next couple of months.

Jackson was in a great mood tonight and having lots of fun. The kid never stops moving! He was carrying toys between the rooms, riding his cars, and just running around laughing. He's in bed now, but pretty restless- I hope he settles in and sleeps well tonight.
Bringing his ball out from his room
Getting ready to throw it on the floor
Carrying another heavy toy around
Beeping the Sesame Street horn
He can only go backward, so we have to push him forward
His favorite way to play in his rocking chair
playing the drums
I don't do hats Mama

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