Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 322- It's Thanksgiving break!

Jackson is still feeling the effects of his shot and was very cuddly and fussy this evening, which made picture taking rough. I did get some good ones while we hung out though. I'm really looking forward to break- though I have something to do and somewhere to be every single day. Hopefully I can get some rest and Jackson and I can get some fund things made. I think tomorrow we'll decorate for Christmas (early I know) because we'll be out of town until Saturday and I know I won't feel like doing much next Sunday.
I'm going to get you mama!
What? I'm just hanging out being good
He was spinning in circles every time a song came on Backyardigans
spin, spin, spin
Wake up Joe- it's time to play
Get up Joe Dog!
I'm going to get your teeth!
Fine, I'll just cuddle

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