Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 329- Black Friday Exhaustion

After staying out all night shopping and operating on a 2 hour nap, all I remembered to take were 3 pictures. However, our plans of going to Bass Pro Shop for Jackson to meet Santa were quickly ended by him puking in the car :( He wasn't really sick, I think he just got choked up and the result was scrubbing a baby and a car seat. Since he was feeling alright later in the evening we went and had some pictures taken for Christmas. He did pretty well considering it took 2 hours to get everything done there. Then we got to visit with Uncle Luke and Aunt Kari- though Jackson crashed out pretty quickly after we got back. We got to end the day with a victory over Pitt. Overall, it was a pretty awesome Black Friday!
It is too darn early to be shopping Mama!
Ready to head back to bed
He loved this car!
The only way to keep his hat on
He was so proud of himself for sitting in the chair
Yay for Jackson
30 seconds before a massive meltdown at the realization that these cookies were fake- terrible idea for a picture lol

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