Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 325- The many faces of Jackson

So Jackson did not have a good night and I think it was a combination of teething and a cold. He was up every half an hour starting at 1 am and then finally slept for 2 hours strait (though fussy in his sleep) at 6 am. He wanted nothing more than Joe dog last night and then clung to me the rest of the day.

We had to go to the OB this morning and she was out for a delivery so we were there for an hour and a half. Jackson showed off his excellent social skills when a 4 year old little boy came in. He ran right over to him and started "talking" the little boy came over to where we were sitting to watch cartoons with Jackson while his mom waited. Now I will say that this little boy would most likely be in my classroom within a year once he starts school because he was very behind and socially struggled, but Jackson didn't help any. Jackson asked to be put up on the chair (he's starting to sign help!) so I put him up. He then growled at the little boy. The little boy then made a face at Jackson who made the monster face back. The little boy got up because his mom wanted to tell him that Jackson was just a baby and he couldn't be mean to him and Jackson stole his seat. When the boy came back Jackson snarled at him. Finally I did get him to say cheese and get out of his mean mood, but man if he doesn't learn to be nicer he's not going to have any friends!

The rest of the day was pretty low key. We played on the floor and hung out on the couch b/c we were both tired. He took a good 2 hour nap and then woke up with an even runnier nose. He started making his mean face at random the rest of the day- I'm not sure what provoked him most of the time. He did eat a good dinner and then we did bath and bed. He's getting really good about saying "done" and meaning it at the end of eating and at the end of his bath. I think he's doing a great job! I hope when this cold leaves him, his little mean streak goes too. Otherwise- watch out Kentucky!
Not a happy baby :(
Mr. Monkey and Joe make things better
Moving closer to Joe
Happily sitting ON Joe
On his laptop like mama going through emails
Ahhhhh nothing like a cold cup of milk in the morning
What mama?
Silly baby- he brought me that bib to wear
Little guy knew I'm a bit sleep deprived and decided to help
One of his random faces- apparently he's not a fan of something that he was watching
Tired little guy
He's getting better and better with a spoon
Threatening to thrown the spoon
The look I got when I told him he couldn't have the spoon back
I gave in after he ate a couple of things and seemed to forget about it

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