Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 311- Mr. Independent and his spoon

So I've been working with Jackson on using a spoon. I decided the leftover chili would be a great opportunity to practice, little did I know that he decided today would be the day he did it himself. I seriously worry that his attitude may lead to starvation if I don't serve finger foods at every meal! He's almost got it, but he uses the spoon the wrong side up and can't get much on it at all. However, if I so much as touch it- he flings the food and gives me a dirty look. And if I thought he would eat off my spoon- ha, that equaled and ear piercing scream and tantrum. He was really proud of himself when he did get that little on his spoon though so I'm glad to see he's gaining confidence from success.

Other than his little display of attitude, we had a great night tonight and I'm thinking it's going to be an early bedtime for mama tonight too!

Ahhhh, relaxation
Hanging out with mama
Mmmm, banana and chili
Can't you see- I can do it myself!
Leave my spoon alone- I mean it
I said don't touch!
A yummy bit BY MYSELF
I'm going to do it again mama
Concentration (and he has the spoon right!)
I'm not eating off of your stupid spoon!
Just leave me alone Mom
Much better after some gold fish crackers, playing before bath time

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