Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 316- Sunny Saturday

Yesterday morning we woke up to snow. Today, it was sunny and warmer- at least warm enough to get outside for a little bit.

Jackson started the morning by shoving his face full of as much food as he possibly can and then promptly puking it all back up. After that and a nice warm bath he felt much better. He had a fun day and was kind enough to let us watch WVU beat Cincy today by taking a nice long nap. We ended the evening by playing at the playground and going for a walk. Overall, it was a perfect Saturday (minus the puke).
Yes, I starve my child so he feels he must eat as much as he can as fast as he can... or he just loves eggs and won't let poor fine motor skills get in his way
Mama- you're so silly telling me one piece at a time
Mr. Monster is back in full swing
After puking, he brought me the cheerios and told me more
Tipping the toy box keeps a little boy busy during a football game
Can you find Jackson?
Peek- baby in a bucket
Hanging out in Dada's Call of Duty Chair
I see you mama
The only way Jackson will go down the slide because he can do it himself!
That was fun!
I'm going to get you Mama!
Trying to swing by himself
Fun at the top
Bye bye sun!
Down the slide again
OK Mom- time to go
Night blogger friends :)

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