Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 332- Sleepy Baby

Jackson slept in a bit this morning and was eager to get to Ms. Brenda's house. He was really excited to see his friends though Brenda said he had to "work through some bullying" this morning. Once he realized being a bully meant playing alone he played very nicely the rest of the day. However, he refused to nap all day. I had to go grocery shopping so he fell asleep in the crib despite my best efforts to keep him awake. He napped in the car and then came home and sleepily watched Elmo. However, after stuffing his face with blackberries and ravioli he got a second wind. He's now sound asleep and I'm hoping working his way back into routine.
Sleepy baby throw a mini fit before decided the snack was actually a good plan
Hanging out, gaining energy with a very full belly

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