Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 327- Back on Track

After a day of fighting sleep, Jackson was finally back on schedule tonight. He protested for less than a minute, but was sound asleep by 7:00. His cold is getting a little bit worse so we got some California Baby Cold and Flu bubble bath and hope that helps to do the trick. Jackson had a great time at his Mamaw's work today- he was not shy at all, ran all over the building, and helped himself to a lollipop. I was so glad he showed how outgoing and happy he really is and I'm glad he's getting past the stranger anxiety stage.

From there we went out to lunch and Target and headed back here where he fought his nap and Leah. After laying down in the PnP and watching some Sprout for 45 minutes he was back to his normal self. He's not happy that he can't play on the stairs, as they are a great novelty for him and let him indulge in his climbing, but other than that he's having lots of fun. I was bad about having the camera around today and only got one picture. But with lots of family around tomorrow I'll do my best to capture Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow's blog may not be posted until Friday night because I will start my favorite holiday early---- it's almost black friday! I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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