Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 330- Home Sweet Home

After a great time visiting with my family Jackson and I headed home today. He, once again, was excellent in the car. We stopped at a McDonald's in Athens, OH for a fruit and yogurt parfait and to enjoy some time outside moving around. He fussed a bit in line because he wasn't happy at being held- the lady was so nice and brought him out a car. He played with that car the whole way home. I love random acts of kindness and I will make sure to pay it forward this week. We also listened to my favorite Christmas album home- Alabama Christmas. I'm looking forward to relaxing tomorrow and catching up on sleep. But for now, since everything is put away- I'm off to bed!
Ahhh- check out my car (and all my teeth!)
Knock, knock
Petting the weird bush
Giving me a monster face because I told him to take another bite
Who is that guy?
Well I guess he's kinda funny

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