Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 324- Baby no pants

Jackson decided today was a great day to go pants-less. I gave up after the second pair ended up on the floor and just turned on the space heater to make it warm enough for him. It was great timing too because we had two diapers that I needed to get pictures of for reviews. He was in a pretty good mood all day and we had fun playing and making plans for next weekend. I was up half the night with a headache last night, so tonight it'll be short and the "to do" list is going to just wait until tomorrow. We have to get all packed up for KY and go to the doctor to check on baby #2 so tomorrow is a busy day for us.

Jackson did leave his pants on for Patricia and Candy and had a great time being spoiled rotten :) He's talking more and more and I'm so proud that he says thank you about 80% of the time. He learned Patricia's name and enjoyed playing with a "Jackson sized" dog- Buddy. Twilight was well done and I can't believe I have to wait a year to see the ending, oh well- hopefully Candy and Patricia want to watch 2 munchkins ;)
Rocking his ghastlies diaper- don't judge, it's a good diaper!
Caught red handed
He loves his cars
Are you spying on me mama?
Have you realized my kid likes peek a boo and empty boxes yet?
I see you!
Trying to make Joe stay so he can play peek a boo with him- Joe didn't like getting smacked in the face with a box
Petting "gentle" see how hard he has to concentrate to be nice?
Since he ran Joe off, it was my turn to get hit with the box
Much to Joe's dismay- Jackson has started running
He's ready to make Christmas cookies!

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