Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 304- Happy Halloween!

Despite being sleepy, Jackson had a great Halloween. He did really well going to the few houses that we went to and even said "thank you" when he got candy. He had fun handing out candy too. I love Old Navy for making a Halloween costume that was like pants and a hoodie b/c until the paws got in the way of his dum dum, he never fought it.

He was allowed 2 pieces of candy tonight- a dum dum (which he loves these so much he tries to eat them through the paper) and a reeses peanut butter cup. He really enjoyed them, but still prefers his lima beans :) Fortunately, in spite of all the fun going on, he was sound asleep by 8.

I'm so amazed by how much he has grown in a year and so proud that some of his first words are "thank you". I love that he wasn't afraid of strangers and had so much fun tonight. We didn't get a ton of pictures because we were having fun, but definitely have enough so you all can enjoy his second Halloween too!
Hanging out before the trick or treaters started coming around (this was his super comfy daytime outfit)
Ready to head out with Dad
Trick or treating is a lot of work on little legs
Back and relaxing with mama
Mmmmmmm dum dums
Here Dada- try this lollipop that I've dropped on the ground at least 3 times
Thank you!
All Halloween'd out!
Playing on the sidewalk before bed
Bedtime with Mr. Monkey!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

303- Be careful what you wish for...

While I rather enjoyed Jackson sleeping in this morning, I do not enjoy that he's still up and playing with the toy from hell. He has no interest in sleeping and I have no interest in cry it out- so here we are, wide awake having a ball. This will be quick because I'm going to try once again to coax him to bed since staying up is probably not the best way to start a week and because Jackson doesn't like to be ignored for very long.

We had a fun filled Halloween day with pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin carving, a Light Night festival, and apple pie (I didn't get around to the pumpkin bread yet). Jackson had a lot of fun and we saw the true toddler come out as he wanted to walk everywhere and did not appreciate the concept of wait your turn.

Sooooooooo I started that post at 10:15, it's now 11:06 and Jackson is sleeping!

Russell had ice cream cake for breakfast, Jackson was not going to be forgotten
He loves to look outside
Hanging out with his car
Having fun at Light Night
Taking a break from all the walking around
Trudging through the mud and straw
Where's little Jackson?
Jackson trying to break into the hospital
Coming back down the stairs
Jackson at the Weston State Hospital
I just can't get over how huge that place is
Who says baby's are uncomfortable being rear-facing until 2?
Muddy monster
He's all boy
Watching the Great Pumpkin
Enjoying his 1 piece of candy (twizzlers) from his trip
Jackson with his pumpkin
Trying to run away
10:50, finally showing signs of crashing (yes both of us)
One last hoorah

Saturday, October 29, 2011

302- Mama's Birthday

While Mother Nature did not grant me the best birthday weather, I had a fantastic birthday thanks to all my family and friends. Russell and Jackson went out on a secret shopping trip this morning and let me sleep in. Then we spent the morning playing and checking out all the packages. Russell surprised me and took me out to Chinese while Jackson went to play with the always awesome Patricia and Candy. When we came home, we were treated to a Dairy Queen birthday cake. Now that the little guy is sound asleep, I'm going to relax with a good book. Thank you all so much for all the wishes. I'm so thankful for such wonderful family and friends :)

7:30 this morning
Lunch with Dada
after their morning out
Jackson's favorite thing from our packages- the lid to his Elmo shoe box
Yay- Elmo shoes
Trying to put them on
Getting ready for cake (still clinging to his box lid)
He decided to test the frosting (while holding his box lid)
The cake (post Jackson)
Jackson approves of Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake (definitely his mother's child!)
mmmm- delicious
Headed to bath time with his box lid

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 301- Trick or Treat

Today we tried, unsuccessfully, to beat the snowstorm for the business trick or treat. Even though it was starting to rain/snow, we did trick or treat for a block before Jackson decided that he was done with that. He did have a really good time and walked up to a couple of places himself. We came home and enjoyed some leftovers and then Jackson took a never ending bath. He's sleeping now and we're looking forward to a day in watching the snow and cuddling!

Getting ready to start with Dada
Don't look at me!
Off to the steps!
Putting his candy bar in the bag
Hi Mama! (and yes he is spoiled with a Longaberger treat bag)
Joe sucking up for some candy
Now Bernie is trying
Testing out a piece of candy (don't worry he only got one piece)
Hmmm- I got some cool stuff!
Don't you touch this- it's MINE
Finishing his Whopper! (we had to trade an organic lollipop for the tootsie pop after a few tears when I took it away)
Silly spaghetti face!

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