Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 277- Election Day

Jackson's down early again today, we'll have to figure out how to keep him up friday for the Fireman's parade. It was a nice, relaxing day at home and we didn't do a whole bunch, but we had a good day. Jackson finally got his hair cut so the craziness is a bit contained for a week or so (and out of his ears and eyes!).

As usual, as I was having a bit of a whiny day (I feel like poo!), something happened to remind me how blessed my life is. I remember friends who have lost loved ones and I'm so grateful for all of the people I have in my life right now. I hope you all say an extra prayer of thanks today for your loved ones because too many of my friends have lost little ones and loved ones way too early in the past couple of years. I know that they are all taken care of in Heaven, so please also pray for strength and healing of those who are left grieving here.
Yummy lunch
Hanging out with Mr. Monkey after his nap
Struggling with the fact that the penguin fights back
Joe cleaning off his goldfish fingers
He loves his new snack cup
Flying with dada
Attacking Joe with kisses
Mr. Monster showed up at dinner when I told him he couldn't throw his bowl on the floor
Looking much better with his haircut!

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