Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 280- Fun at the Festival

Jackson refused to take a second nap, fell asleep while we were walking to the festival, and then made it through about 1/2 of the fireman's parade before he was too tired to make it anymore. He did have a lot of fun running in the street after they had closed it before the parade started though. He was pretty well behaved, especially considering the small amount of sleep he had. He fell right to sleep after we got home. The pictures aren't great b/c he was in my hands or in the Ergo most of the day and it's too hard to take a picture that way- but there were a couple of good ones in there. Up early tomorrow for the lumberjack competition and then the parade.
His very favorite diaper- he pulled it out of the laundry yesterday and has played with it ever since
Happy little man in the morning
His favorite game- Where's Jackson?
Cheese face
Waiting for the Coronation to begin
mmmm goldfish make him patient
he had a lot of fun at the playground
running around like a big boy
Getting ready for the fireman's parade
testing out sound with his ear muffs on
My head got so big
Sitting in a big boy chair
He enjoyed the bands
Mesmerized by the firetrucks
enjoying a lollipop- it took us a good while to unstickify him before bed
Ready for me to leave him alone and take him home to bed
Watching one last firetruck before we get in the car

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