Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 285- Unity Day

I made Jackson wear orange today in support of Unity Day (a campaign against bullying)- it worked. He didn't hit one kid or push one kid all day today and he was even nice to Joe and Bernie :)

We had a decent evening and he was back on track for bed at 7:15. That should make for a nice, happy baby in the morning. He's wearing his Twinkie Tush Night Night again (a different one from last night) so I'm looking forward to a full night's sleep.

He hasn't had goldfish in 3 days- so he's trying to eat them all at once
His cheeks are bulging, but he still tries to shove more in
Look who pulled his Elmo shirt out of the hamper
Laughing as he runs it over to me
24 weeks pregnant (also wearing my orange today
He loves this toy- Thanks to his cousins!
Guess who just farted? He's such a boy
Someone is tired (and dramatic- too tired to sit up while playing)
Charging to his crib in his other Twinkie Tush Night Night
Getting a tiny bit of playtime in while I dig out Goodnight Moon

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