Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 292- Why hello cold season :(

Jackson woke up in a fabulous mood and had a really great day with Ms. Brenda. After I picked him up we went to the Mexican restaurant for a meeting and it started out OK but slowly he got fussier and fussier and hotter and hotter. Sure enough when we got home the snot was pouring and his fever was up. Poor little guy just couldn't be comforted. We did cuddle and watch Elmo for a little bit, but he was sound asleep by 7:30 and eager to get to bed. Thank goodness for motrin- I hope it gives him some relief. I hate to see him sick :(
Talking to Joe
Cuddling with mama
Laundry baskets make Jackson feel better
I saw a smile!
I'm ready for bed mama!

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