Saturday, October 29, 2011

302- Mama's Birthday

While Mother Nature did not grant me the best birthday weather, I had a fantastic birthday thanks to all my family and friends. Russell and Jackson went out on a secret shopping trip this morning and let me sleep in. Then we spent the morning playing and checking out all the packages. Russell surprised me and took me out to Chinese while Jackson went to play with the always awesome Patricia and Candy. When we came home, we were treated to a Dairy Queen birthday cake. Now that the little guy is sound asleep, I'm going to relax with a good book. Thank you all so much for all the wishes. I'm so thankful for such wonderful family and friends :)

7:30 this morning
Lunch with Dada
after their morning out
Jackson's favorite thing from our packages- the lid to his Elmo shoe box
Yay- Elmo shoes
Trying to put them on
Getting ready for cake (still clinging to his box lid)
He decided to test the frosting (while holding his box lid)
The cake (post Jackson)
Jackson approves of Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake (definitely his mother's child!)
mmmm- delicious
Headed to bath time with his box lid

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