Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 286- Where did my baby go?

Well we have a full fledged toddler now. Tonight was a big night for Mr. Jackson- he peed in the potty :) Now we aren't really starting potty training, but I noticed about a month ago that his bath started by peeing in the bathtub. We made a big deal and celebrated and decided to go and get a potty chair to try and teach Jackson that using the potty chair is fun and rewarding and give him some successful experiences. If no success, we'd just put it away for later. Well about 30 seconds after he got on the potty chair he started to giggle and bam- pee in the potty! Seeing as he turned 14 months old on Tuesday we were pretty pumped. I hope this can continue to be a fun and successful thing for him.

He's also walking all the time now, unless it's to crawl to something to help him stand up after he falls or sits. He's doing better and better with communication and learning more words. He's just not a baby anymore. He also ate a big chunk of my buffalo chicken sub at subway today as he much preferred it to his roast beef, pickle, and mushroom sub- which he ate like a big boy. We had a big night out so there aren't a lot of pictures, but it was a great night! Looking forward to a fabulous Friday tomorrow :)

Chillin' with his milk
Checking out his cool Elmo hat knitted by Jannet :)
Bringing a book for me to read
He can read it by himself
Your turn mama
Potty time success! :)

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