Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 279- Nice Evening

Jackson had a great day today. There was a little fit throwing as I was cooking dinner, but that's nothing new and he was out of his tantrum mode as soon as dinner was served. He stated the day by sucking up to Ms. Brenda's daughter and then stealing her sausage biscuit. He didn't get in any fights today and was a nice friend (thank goodness!).

After I picked him up, we went to the park and hit up the petting zoo before it was too crazy. He loved the animals, but was not happy that I wouldn't let him kiss them all (he does an open mouth lick with Joe and tried to do it with all the animals. He did pet them all nicely, but was quick to wanting picked up b/c they were all bigger than him. Most of the other exhibits were closed, but we're going to head over there tomorrow morning and he'll get to check out all the other cool things going on.

We had a quick visit from our friend Tonka today and Jackson loved him! He normally is pretty shy with strangers, but he walked right over, asked to be picked up and then cuddled for a minute- glad to know he's such a good judge of character :)

He had another quick bath and was asleep by 7:30. He's wearing his Twinkie Tush Night Night from the photo contest prize again so I'm hoping it means we'll both get to sleep in until 8 without getting up for a diaper change. I didn't get many pictures today, but I'm hoping to get a ton tomorrow and Saturday. Happy Forest Festival everyone!

Trying to tell me he's ready for his bath
Naked baby ran to the bath tub
Brushing his teeth
He does a great job and loves to do it too
Time for bed with Mr. Monkey and the seahorse (and my old baby blanket)

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