Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 288-Busy Day= not much sleep

We got up today and hurried up to pick up the meat that we ordered, meet Russell's parents and brother for lunch, and do a little shopping. Jackson was in a great mood all morning, but started to fade fast after lunch. He napped part of the drive home and I left him to hang out with Dad while I went to Chasity's baby shower- which was tons of fun!
When I got home, I found a clingy, whiny, tired baby and after playing with him for about 45 minutes I put him down for a nap. After a little fighting, he fell asleep but woke up screaming 20 minutes later. It took a bit to get him calmed down (stupid teeth) and then we had some pizza, watched Sesame Street and started the bedtime routine. Bath was fine but he was not interested in sitting for a story and showed quite the attitude when I made him stay in the room. However, once some silly kisses got him in a better mood he fell asleep quickly. He was up frequently last night, so I'm hoping that his teeth give him a break tonight.

Since today was so busy, we didn't get many pictures and he's pretty grumpy, but there was a good one or two :)

Poor little guy isn't feeling well :(
Grrr... this crust is rough!
Watching Elmo with Joe Dog
Elmo is funny, Joe is tired

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