Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 291- Is it really only Tuesday?

Jackson woke up early and we had a lot of fun from 6:00-7:00 but it all went downhill from there. I love how people try to put it politely- "his personality is really shining through" "boy he knows what he wants, huh?" "he's so...independent" Yes- my kid is a master tantrum thrower. He's very verbal with his frustrations and he doesn't really want any help to work through them.
He was struggling at Ms. Brenda's today too, but I really do think it's because he's cutting his stomach teeth right now, doing so much more, and just frustrated with his lack of communication. One of the good things about all of these tantrums is that when he's in his good, lovey dovey mood I appreciate it even more and I get to laugh at his antics when he's not so fabulous. For example he dumped my huge cup of ice water all over his father today during dinner.

On another good note, Jackson figured out how to stand up without pulling up today! Now he doesn't need Mama's help at all for mobility. He's growing up so fast.

On my pinterest quest- I did make the applesauce chicken, we did make it to the playground, but our craft just wasn't happening. Fortunately I don't have a whole lot planned for tomorrow (just a dinner meeting) so we'll try the craft then.
Happy Morning
Chillin' watching Sesame Street
helping cook dinner
Do you need this pan mama?
Don't even have a clue what set this one off

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