Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 301- Trick or Treat

Today we tried, unsuccessfully, to beat the snowstorm for the business trick or treat. Even though it was starting to rain/snow, we did trick or treat for a block before Jackson decided that he was done with that. He did have a really good time and walked up to a couple of places himself. We came home and enjoyed some leftovers and then Jackson took a never ending bath. He's sleeping now and we're looking forward to a day in watching the snow and cuddling!

Getting ready to start with Dada
Don't look at me!
Off to the steps!
Putting his candy bar in the bag
Hi Mama! (and yes he is spoiled with a Longaberger treat bag)
Joe sucking up for some candy
Now Bernie is trying
Testing out a piece of candy (don't worry he only got one piece)
Hmmm- I got some cool stuff!
Don't you touch this- it's MINE
Finishing his Whopper! (we had to trade an organic lollipop for the tootsie pop after a few tears when I took it away)
Silly spaghetti face!

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