Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 276- Mr. Monster Face

Jackson and Dada had a great day together today and he was so worn out that he was sound asleep by 7:10. This is awesome news for me b/c I didn't sleep well last night and I'm looking forward to an early night myself. Jackson really impressed me today by following one step directions (yes I know that's the special ed term, but that's what I know). I told him to go get Joe Dog and he walked right over and kissed him. Bernie was being barky so I gave Jackson the squirt bottle and said "get Bernie" and off he went right to Bernie. Then when Russell was a room away and I told him to "find Dada" he headed straight for Russell. So know I know when he doesn't listen it's b/c he doesn't want to (not that I'll do anything about it lol).

He has also begun making his "monster face" on command (most of the time). It cracks me up, he snarls and everything. He has also started doing it when he doesn't like what I tell him, like "be gentle" when he's hitting Joe's paws. He'll just look at me with his monster face, snarl, and hit Joe once more for good measure. Thank God we have such an awesome, patient dog.

Tomorrow is Election Day and even though I'm not too impressed with either candidate, I think it's important to be a good role model for Jackson and head out to vote so that's our "big" plan for tomorrow. If the weather gets better, we might head into town to check out the carnival part of Festival.

Cheesin' for dad at lunch
happy little man
proud of himself for finishing it all
Can't beat this greeting when you get home
I'm going to get ya mama
Monster face Jackson
I mean business
Watching a little Elmo in his chair
Very rarely is he tired/calm enough to sit this long, so he was really enjoying it today
Mr. Muscles--- that little house is heavy
Ding dong- he loves to ring the door bell

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