Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 331-PJ Day

Well all the laundry is about caught up and Jackson and I are getting rested up for another week of work/ babysitters. We didn't get any Christmas crafts done, but will work on them this week and this weekend. Jackson was in a good mood today, took a long nap and was happy that Dada, Joe and Bernie came home. We hung out in jammies and finished putting up decorations all day today. Now he's asleep and I'm DVRing the Steeler game. 20 school days until Christmas break (19 with kids) :)
check out that bed head
Getting ready for a ride
What- it's so supposed to go backward
Pretty lights
It keeps hitting me back :(
Relaxing before dinner
Reading Christmas stories
Checking out Max
Showing off his night night
tired Christmas baby
shaking the tree
Not so interested in the Night Before Christmas
but he loves his Elmo

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