Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 319- Thanks Mama and Ruby!

The day didn't start off wonderfully. Jackson woke up at 6:15 in a terrible mood. However he felt much better after throwing a massive tantrum that culminated with dumping his entire bowl of Cheerios all over the floor and then helping me to clean it up. The rest of the morning went fine and Ms. Brenda reported great behavior.

This evening Jackson and I got our prize package from Mama and Ruby's Ultimate Trick or Treat. It is more amazing than I possibly imagined. We got some really awesome stuff and everything totaled up to over $600! I really am looking forward to buying some stuff from these awesome sponsors for Christmas because I feel it's really important to support local businesses in this economy and because I LOVE their products.

Of course, Jackson's favorite part of the prize package was the box and he had a grand time in it the rest of the evening. It's just Jackson and I for awhile now so I hope his good mood continues on!

Sad face for the cheerios he dumped upon hearing me say- now we're going to clean them up Jackson
Happier baby in his PJs
Wow Jackson a toy for you!
new bib for Jackson- Bernie approves
kissing his diaper
he chose to kiss the scary woman from the ghastlies series
checking out yet another toy
playing with a puzzle
what else is in there mom?
digging to the very bottom
climbing into his favorite prize of all
baby in a box!
peek a boo

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