Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 171- Happy WV Day

Russell was so kind today to oblige me in going to his work on his day off. We headed to the WV Wildlife Center (game farm) for their WV Day celebration. We got to see some of his friends and check out lots of animals. It was a great time. I didn't get a picture of Jackson with his favorite animal- the bald eagle b/c it was hard to hold him still. Every time the eagle looked his direction he would laugh, yell and do a whole body freak out- it was hilarious. His second favorite animal? The hogs- they were loud and right in his face, he was completely captivated. Jackson also had his very first visit to Sam's Pizza- he loved every minute of it :) I love that we have such an easy baby who I can honestly take anywhere, trust to be in a good mood, and generally find something he loves about any situation. I'm so spoiled!
Jackson and Russell humored me for this picture
Enjoying some rare stroller time :)
"Petting" the copperhead through the glass
The snake checking him out
Watching the hog
Totally enamored by that hog
I mean, how could you not love this thing lol
Jackson and Russell- locked in
This is how I roll Mom
First taste of pizza- loves it!
Back for more
Mmmm toppings- what is this tasty goodness?

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