Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 169- Sneaking out

Tonight will be short b/c I'm worn out. Jackson took a really short morning nap, skipped his afternoon nap, and got up at 6:15 instead of his usual 7:30. I still haven't really recovered from Thursday night sitting up listening to him gasping for air all night.

Even though he has croup, the kid doesn't act it. I can definitely hear it in his breathing, but no fever and he's a happy little monster. So after he tore up his room when I left him to play so that I could make his scrambled eggs, I decided we needed to get out of the house. So this afternoon we decided to hit up Coalton Days. He had a blast and it was a nice get away. He slept on the way home and then was up to play for the night. We went out to pick berries and it started raining, so in we came. I'm going to start pushing his mobility since he doesn't seem interested in crawling. We practiced walking from room to room and he enjoyed it, though he did reach out for me to carry him a couple of times- he didn't fuss when I didn't.

Oh and my new summer task- I'm going to try for extreme couponing. I love this show and I think it's time to try it out myself :) So you'll get to enjoy that journey along with me as well!
Look what I did mom!
He got really excited when the Mountaineer waved to him at the parade
Someone threw candy where he could reach it... (don't worry he didn't get to eat it)
But he LOVED the free spaghetti at Mike Ross' house!
Who needs a plate when you have a bib?
Jackson loves these cookies too- belly full and ready to relax for dessert
Watching the karaoke
Worn out :)

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