Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 157-splish splash Jackson's reading in the bath

I'm ready for bed- so just pictures tonight, but there are some good ones. I'm letting you have a glimpse of my favorite time of night, the bedtime routine. It starts with dinner, then drink some water and chill, naked playtime while I get everything ready, clean up the toys while the water runs, then bath, dry off, brush teeth, get dressed, nurse, bed. Sometimes I sneak a book in our routine, but mainly our bedtime reading is done in the bath. He LOVES everyone of his bath books (but I wish we had more b/c the same 4 get old!). He smiles on every page and looks at me if I don't read it right. He even "pets" anything with eyes.
First time with raw apple slices- he did awesome
Yeah, so the spoon is more of a toy when I don't put food on it for him, but he loves it
reading 2 books at once
Mom- you aren't reading fast enough!
Scrub the piggy little man- not splash him!
"petting" little quack
I just read the rhyme at the end of Barnyard Bath
Now he's reading it by himself- upside down :)

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