Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 170-I think we need to buy a chicken

I have to cut Jackson off at 2 eggs every morning. Today I made blackberry pancakes and while he liked them- he was furious that he didn't have eggs. He fussed and fussed until I made him two- then life was good. I seriously go through close to (if not) a dozen eggs each week, just for Jackson.
I kind of slacked with picture taking today so there are only pictures from breakfast and dinner today, but no worries- Jackson's still cute!
tasting some pancake- not sure about the berries in it yet
hey mom- it's good!
throwing my sippy cup, cuz it's way more fun than drinking from it

not a corn on the cob fan (actually he fussed until he got some steak, then life was good)

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